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UVB Phototherapy Lamp UV308A1
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UVB Phototherapy Lamp UV308A1

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Price: $ 350
Discount Price: $ 290
  • UV308A1

  • YouWeMed

  • 36nm*22mm*149mm

  • 0.07kg

  • 1cm

  • 308nm

  • Setting range: 0-30 minutes; Countdown 3 seconds prompt function

  • Setting range 0-5J/cm²

  • 13mw/cm²

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Model No: UV308A1

Imported 308nm chip as light source, with high intensity, stable, long life

Low voltage instant start, high safety, low electromagnetic radiation

Superconducting heat pipe cooling technology, keep the intensity output stable during operation

Hand-held, flexible treatment areas

Small, light, easy to carry

Easy operation, suitable for home use

Time/dose function available, with more accuracy

Voice prompt

With rechargeable stable lithium battery

Indications: suitable for vitiligo, psoriasis, Pityriasis rosea, eczema and other skin diseases

Safe treatment

Narrow band UVB 308 nm is considered a safe and therapeutic light source for skin diseases.

Ideal for home therapy

Easy to use and clean, short treatment times, detailed instructions in English.

Specially designed for children

Hand-held wand, small treatment area 2cm²,very suitable for children;s small vitiligo, and it is a good solution for beginners. The effectiveness of phototherapy has been demonstrated in patients of all ages with vitiligo (white spot disease), psoriasis, eczema and other photosensitive skin conditions.


Affordable one-time cost and long-lasting treatment. Save the cost and time of going to the medical centre. This UVB lamp is less energy and time consuming than many other treatments

Technical Requirements and Parameter:

Safe classification  Internal power supply

Operational mode   Continuous running intermittent loading

Voltage: AC220V±10%,50Hz±2%    

Rated Power: ≤50VA

Working Environment Temperature:5~40℃

Working Environment Relative Humidity:≤85%

Working Environment Atmosphere:700-1060hpa

Transportation Environment Temperature:-40~55℃

Transportation Environment Relative Humidity:≤95%

Transportation Environment Atmosphere:500-1060hpa  

Machine Size: 36mm*22mm*149mm

Packing Size:185mm*58mm*252mm

Net Weight   0.07kg

Effective irradiation area   1.8-2.2cm²

Display mode   OLD display

Output wavelength   308nm

Mode  Dose/time treatment available  Countdown 3 seconds prompt function

Light source  Imported high power LED308nm chip

Light source parameter

Specification  LED chip 308

Intensity  13mw/cm²(UV308A1)

Wavelength  280-320nm, Peak 308nm

Operation Steps:


Before treatment, please wash the treatment area and wear goggles;

Recommend first treatment time:

Adult:  UV308A1 model: 10 seconds

Children:  5 seconds

Skin reaction usually happens in 6-8 hours after irradiation:

If slight redness, subside within 24 hours, increase time by 15% for next treatment;

If redness, until the next irradiation, skin color is pink, maintain the last irradiation time;

If redness, but with pain and swelling, stop treatment and wait until the skin is back to normal, reduce 50% of the last irradiation time

Recommend treatment once every two days, and rest for 2-4 weeks after three months treatment.


Long press Power key for 3 seconds to start the machine;

Set time by Up key and Down key : short press Up key to increase 1 second each time, long press Up key to increase 10 seconds each time; short press Down key to decrease 1 second each time, long press Down key to decrease 10 seconds each time.



After setting up the time/dose, short press Power keyto start the treatment(when treating, put the machine close to the treatment area); during the treatment, short press Power key to pause the treatment; during the pause, short press Power key to continue the treatment; after treatment, long press Power key to close the machine. (when the machine is on, it will automatically shut down without operation after 1 minute.)

Treatment modes: short press Setup key, treatment mode will switch from time to dose or dose to time

YouWeMed Group has developed into a group enterprise integrating R&D, manufacturing, sales and after-service for medical equipment.

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  info@bluescitech.com
  A6 building, China Safety Valley, Xuzhou Tongshan District, Jiangsu

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