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308nm Narrowband UVB Phototherapy Lamp With Built-in Timer
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308nm Narrowband UVB Phototherapy Lamp With Built-in Timer

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Price: $ 350
Discount Price: $ 290
  • UV308A1

  • YouWeMed

  • 251*89*59mm

  • 0.55kg

  • 1cm

  • 308nm

  • 13mw/cm²

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Derma 308 Targeted Phototherapy is an innovative treatment device for skin disorders such as Psoriasis, Vitiligo, and Eczema. This treatment utilizes high-energy UV radiation for precise and targeted therapy, resulting in shorter treatment durations compared to traditional methods.

The key features of 308 phototherapy are:

  1. High energy and excellent therapeutic efficacy: The treatment emits high-energy ultraviolet radiation, resulting in a quick and effective response. This contributes to shorter treatment courses and faster relief for patients.

  2. Single wavelength: The device operates at a specific wavelength of 308nm, carefully selected to avoid interference from harmful wavelengths. This ensures focused treatment and minimizes the risk of side effects.

Derma 308 Targeted Phototherapy is a significant advancement in phototherapy, offering accurate and efficient treatment for skin disorders. With high-energy radiation at a specific wavelength, this device provides targeted therapy with improved outcomes and reduced treatment durations.

Operation Steps:


Before treatment, please wash the treatment area and wear goggles;

Recommend first treatment time:

Adult:  UV308A1 model: 10 seconds; 

Children:  5 seconds

Skin reaction usually happens in 6-8 hours after irradiation:

If slight redness, subside within 24 hours, increase time by 15% for next treatment;

If redness, until the next irradiation, skin color is pink, maintain the last irradiation time;

If redness, but with pain and swelling, stop treatment and wait until the skin is back to normal, reduce 50% of the last irradiation time

Recommend treatment once every two days, and rest for 2-4 weeks after three months treatment.


Long press Power key for 3 seconds to start the machine;

Set time by Up key and Down key : short press Up key to increase 1 second each time, long press Up key to increase 10 seconds each time; short press Down key to decrease 1 second each time, long press Down key to decrease 10 seconds each time.



After setting up the time/dose, short press Power keyto start the treatment(when treating, put the machine close to the treatment area); during the treatment, short press Power key to pause the treatment; during the pause, short press Power key to continue the treatment; after treatment, long press Power key to close the machine. (when the machine is on, it will automatically shut down without operation after 1 minute.)

Treatment modes: short press Setup key, treatment mode will switch from time to dose or dose to time


Battery Status

Full power, available for use; power shortage, please charge the battery;

Please connect the charging cable to charge the machine, when charging, the indicator is green, when full charging, the indicator is off.

YouWeMed Group has developed into a group enterprise integrating R&D, manufacturing, sales and after-service for medical equipment.

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  info@bluescitech.com
  A6 building, China Safety Valley, Xuzhou Tongshan District, Jiangsu

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