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UVB Lamp for vitiligo
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UVB Lamp for vitiligo

  • Vitiligo Treatment Speeds Up: Four Top Tips To Help You Recover
    Vitiligo, as a chronic skin disease, often makes patients feel exhausted due to its long treatment cycle, and the treatment effect is often unsatisfactory. However, the treatment of vitiligo is not without rules. Today, we will reveal 4 secrets tips to improve the treatment effect 
  • Camouflage of Vitiligo: When And How?
    Camouflage of Vitiligo: when and how? Key points  Cover-ups should be considered in global approach to vitiligo, mainly in those cases when vitiligo subjects cannot overcome the emotional stress deriving from their skin change. Corrective cosmetic products used for camouflage can be cover creams, 
  • Can You Take Self-medication by Yourself If You Are Suffering From Vitiligo? You May Not Be Aware of These Dangers Yet!
    Many patients with vitiligo will choose to use medicines just by themself when the white patches is fidn in the early stages instead of going to the hospital for treatment. This approach is not advisable because it may cause the following hazards!
  • What Are The Main Side Effects of Vitiligo Treatments?
    What are the main side effects of vitiligo treatments? Key points • Topical and systemic treatments of vitiligo may have different side effects in different subjects. • Topical potent corticosteroids are considered to be first-line therapy. Erythema, acne-form lesions
  • What Does “treating Vitiligo with Catalase” Mean?
    What does “treating vitiligo with catalase” mean? Key points Established medical treatments for systemic vitiligo are usually chosen for inducing local and/or systemic reduction of the immune system (=immune depression).An alternative therapeutic option is based on the concept
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