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UVB Phototherapy Lamp BU-40
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UVB Phototherapy Lamp BU-40

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Full body cabin

100W Philips UV lamp as light source

8-inch color touch LCD screen makes the display interface clearer and the operation convenient

Built-in 2.8-inch OLED screen synchronously displays the treatment dose or time for real-time monitoring by patients and improves the treatment safety

Double doors, hexagon overall structure, large treatment space, more comfortable

Internal emergency stop handle switch, multiple protection, ensure safety

Top cooling system makes treatment more comfortable for patients

Microcomputer controls the irradiation dose and time, ensure treatment accuracy

Unique anti-interference technology to ensure that the equipment can work normally under strong magnetic field

Smart dose and time limits ensure safe treatment

Imported reflector improve irradiation intensity output and uniform irradiation and increase treatment effect

With four wheels, easier to move

Indications: suitable for the treatment of vitiligo, psoriasis, pityriasis rosea, eczema and other skin diseases

100W Philips UV lamp

High irradiation intensity

Imported reflector

Main Technical Parameters

Display   8”color touch LCD screen+2.8” OLED screen

Structure  Full body Cabin

Product size  1120mmx1120mmx2090mm

N.W 240kg;  G.W 300kg

Working distance  20cm

Maximum dose   5J/cm2

Lamp brand   Philips medical lamp TL'100W/01

Lamp quantity   24

Output wavelength range  (NB-UVB)280~320nm  Peak wavelength 311nm

Safe treatment

Narrow band UVB 311 nm is considered a safe and therapeutic light source for skin diseases.

Ideal for home therapy

Easy to use and clean, short treatment times, detailed instructions in English.

Large application areas

The effectiveness of phototherapy has been demonstrated in patients of all ages with vitiligo (white spot disease), psoriasis, eczema and other photosensitive skin conditions.

YouWeMed Group has developed into a group enterprise integrating R&D, manufacturing, sales and after-service for medical equipment.

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  info@bluescitech.com
  A6 building, China Safety Valley, Xuzhou Tongshan District, Jiangsu

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