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IPL Phototherapy System PRS-A
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IPL Phototherapy System PRS-A

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Product Model:  PRS-A

Perfect pulse output mode: PP light truly realizes constant voltage output of rectangular square wave pulse technology, which can ensure the stability and accuracy of light energy transmission, so that the pulse energy output is stable and without loss, and accurately reaches the treatment area, ensuring excellent clinical effects and reducing the discomfort during treatment

Humanized comfortable control mode: PP light provides more pulse output adjustment modes (pulse number 1-50), with higher repetition frequency and injection energy, to meet the needs of multi-mode treatment, improve treatment comfort and efficiency.

Powerful cooling system: PP light is equipped with contact skin cooling and automatic temperature control system to ensure that the whole machine can maintain low temperature cooling during long-term operation, providing patients with more comfortable treatment experience.

Reliable safety and satisfactory efficacy: obtained CFDA national Class II medical device registration certification, clinical verification of safety and effectiveness. Comfortable, painless and non-invasive

Clinical application: skin rejuvenation, hair removal

Technical Requirements and Parameters

Power  Square-wave rectangular intense pulsed light


Transfer system  directly coupled cooling sapphire light guide crystal

Display 10.4-inch color LCD touch screen

Safety class: I B

Energy density 10-50J/cm2 (<士20%)

Pulse width range 1-20ms

Pulse interval 1-99ms

PP multi-pulse softening mode pulse number :1-50

Pulse width<100ms

Frequency 1-10Hz

Spot size 12X40mm (≤士20%)

Spot surface temperature 0-5 ℃

Cooling System  Semiconductor refrigeration + Air cooling + built-in closed water cooling (A type )

Product Size  550X460X1170mm

Weight (net weight) 45kg

Fuse specification Ø5X20 10A

Power 2000W(A type)

Electricity AC220V士10%10A 50HZ

Environment temperature 0°C~~40°C

Relative humidity ≤80%

YouWeMed Group has developed into a group enterprise integrating R&D, manufacturing, sales and after-service for medical equipment.

Contact Information

  info@bluescitech.com
  A6 building, China Safety Valley, Xuzhou Tongshan District, Jiangsu

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