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What is vitiligo?
10.19.2022 | YouWeMed Healthy Store | YOUWEMED Health Blog

What is vitiligo?  Is it due to compromised immune function?  

Vitiligo is indeed a very common skin disease in dermatology, medically speaking, vitiligo is an acquired depigmentation skin disease ".  That is to say, vitiligo is not born, if you are born with a white spot, it is not called vitiligo, it is a congenital white spot.  

It doesn't mean that some people shouldn't get vitiligo, men and women of any age, but it's most common in young adults, so why is that?  Generally speaking, young adults are under great employment pressure, so this disease has a great impact on young people. The current international incidence rate is about 1%, so the incidence is still high.  

So far, the medical cause of vitiligo is not very well understood, but the lack of a clear cause does not mean that we can not treat, in fact, we have many ways to treat it.  Nowadays the popular treatment is UVB 311nm or 308nm, and we will introduce later.

In clinical diagnosis and treatment, we actually care most is the problem of immune, vitiligo is certainly related to immune disorders, immune disorders of the body, and their associated autoimmune, meaning that its own immune cells which is equivalent to its own police, fighting their own cells, destroy their own melanocyte, actually is a kind of autoimmune inflammation.  

Our concept is the mainstream, so when it comes to the prevention and treatment of vitiligo, there are certain considerations, but also in the curative effect. I don't like to use the word immune function disorder, in fact, we think the society is evolving, compared with the primitive society, slave society, our living conditions are getting better and better,  no matter how long we live, our health are in fact very good.

So I usually talk to the patient, either low immune or mental disorders, the disorder is temporary, not lifelong, and can be adjusted. In fact, there are really a lot of such examples, that is tension, pressure is related.  

For example, we once treated a middle school teacher who was very good and very competitive.  It turned out that every time his vitiligo get worse, it was in the graduating class. Because at that time their school had a policy, the teacher teach the students from the first grade to the graduating grade, and when in the graduating grade because of the graduation rate, his vitiligo worsened, expanded, but after the graduation, when he teach new students from the next first grade, he stabilized again.  

Therefore, too much stress, too much press, can affect rest, eating, sleep, and eventually lead to immune disorders.  So we have to talk to patients not to only rely on the doctor, if they do not adjust their attitude, diet, psychological state and sleep, the doctor's therapeutic effect is limited.  In fact, we have seen a lot of patients relax, their disease develop from the development stage to the stable stage, and then start to recover, you need to let it go, don't pay too much attention to it, because if you worry too much, and ultimately lead to further immune disorders.