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Treatment methods of vitiligo psoriasis eczema 311nm or 308nm phototherapy
10.20.2022 | YouWeMed Healthy Store | YOUWEMED Health Blog

There are many treatment methods for vitiligo proriasis, and today I will talk about light therapy or phototherapy, including UV light, laser light, excimer light. However, the traditional phototherapy actually refers to UV phototherapy. UV phototherapy includes two kinds, one is with photosensitizer, which is called photochemotherapy, and the other is without photosensitizer, simple UV irradiation.  

Now the conventional treatment is pure UV irradiation, narrow-band UVB therapy.  There are some other laser, such as 308nm excimer laser.

Phototherapy itself has a certain effect on the immune system and inflammation, it can suppress inflammation, inhibit abnormal immune response, and also has the effect of complexing. Progressive stage and recovery stage vitiligo could also be treated with light therapy.

Photochemotherapy is phototherapy plus photosensitizer, photosensitizer is a particularly strong uv absorption substance, we clinically called photochemotherapy, can be oral, can also be applied locally. At present, we still use it in clinical practice, but it is not as common as before, because after eating it, you may have to avoid light when go outside for two or three days, because after shining on the sun, you may have blisters on the exposed part.

We use original philips lamp, which improved phototherapy is effective.